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Actions that can / should be done to a car owner in case of an accident in the USA.

It describes the possible solutions to the issue without insurance companies.

For 4 years of my driving experience in the US, 2 times I have had an accident, but, thank God, small. Not my fault.

I’ll just tell you what to do in such cases, as insurance works in general. I will start with the most recent incident, it was at the end of last year, in December 2017.

I stood at a traffic light, and a car crashed into me from behind, just a little bit, there was nothing serious about it. Only scratches on the bumper. What happens in such cases?

You do not need to stand here, you hit, you drive off to the side of the road or drive off somewhere, and there you are already solving all the issues.

I’ll tell you the specific situation that happened to me in December. We drove off, it was already very late, around 11 pm, and I still had relatives in the car, as they came to visit me.

The driver of the car that hit me immediately said, “I am guilty.” If they hit you from behind, then this is already 100% the fault of the person who hits.

I wrote down all his data, the number of his insurance policy, and so on, we parted. What was my mistake?

I deliberately went for it. Ideally, you should always call the police at the scene of the accident, even if the accident is small and nothing happens. If there is any damage, and you want to be repaired (in my case it was scratches on the bumper), then you need to call the police to draw up a protocol.

And so they recorded in the protocol who is guilty and what will happen. Because the insurance company makes decisions based on the police report. If a policeman wrote like that, then it is. If the police were not called, in our case we left, it already remains on the conscience of each of us.

I called his insurance company, told the situation, they wrote everything down, said “ok, we will contact him”. They contacted him for about a month. They told me that if he didn’t respond (he didn’t answer the phone, they couldn’t leave a message for him), then it would hang like that, because without his words, without his testimony, they could not do anything.

This is a very important moment: if the police have not been called, there is no protocol, then this can be. And all this may end up in that you will have to go to court, pay the lawyers money and prove in court what happened.

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