User centered

Each website must be built from people.  Users seek answers and want to be helped to clarify.  We must therefore start from their needs and their desires for the design of websites.  This is where the Buyer Persona comes into play, very in depth profiles of people who are considering buying your service or product.  Having effective Buyer Person can be compared to having a good experience of offline shopping, in which we do not wander back and forth in a store, but we know exactly where to go to find what we are looking for.  Remember that not all people, however, have the same questions, so you need to build more than one Buyer Person to meet the needs of your entire audience.

Mobile Friendly

Having a functional and responsive website is essential, but it is also important that it is optimized for mobile.

In March, Google started the process of implementing mobile first indexing. If until now Google has only analyzed the desktop versions of internet sites to index them in its pages, now instead are taken into consideration the mobile versions first.  This is because more and more people are using the internet from their smartphone, so much so that in some sectors mobile surfing now accounts for more than 80% of the total. To get the best technical help opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Thinking mobile first means reversing the traditional way of acting, thinking and building the mobile version of a site first, then moving on to the desktop one.  But this does not necessarily mean drastically reducing the content to make them stand in the screen of a smartphone, because you risk the possibility of not being found on Google, but certainly requires an effort to focus on the essential.

Page speed

We live in the age of immediacy, in which a question must correspond to an answer.  We are no longer able to wait and therefore the loading speed of a page makes the difference.

For this reason web design must be designed to be easy, usable, intuitive and quick to load, otherwise the user will leave our site after a short time.  In fact, 40% of users leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load!  But it is also Google that penalizes the slowness the speed of the web pages is in fact a sign of positioning.

By optimizing a slow website, there are different effects that can be obtained more pages viewed by users, more downloads, more sales (for e commerce sites).

These are just a few, but fundamental indications to follow for a good web design.  To give importance to the user, to the speed and the primary role of the piece of furniture, means having the certainty of building a successful website.

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