This expression when used as a noun “I wanted to do the SEO of my site” opens the door to a giant number of possibilities. And when you say giant, it is not force of expression no – improving a site’s organic performance on search engines take into account countless factors, such as:

  • The lifetime of the site
  • Website activity – maintenance and updating, inclusion of new content, etc.
  • The type of site – language used responsiveness, usability, etc.
  • Site programming – there are several functions that must be correctly configured, such as Meta description, keywords, headline tags, friendly URLs, information architecture, etc.
  • The content on the site – this goes from the definition of the target persona to the content itself, titles, texts, keywords, images, videos, links, etc.
  • The relationships within the site – among all the items pointed out above;
  • The relations of this site with the rest of the internet – from geo-location are using even the website links out and out to the site, among others.

The Factors That Help In Ranking

If the list seems long, this is a small part of what can help, and on the other hand, there is another list of the same size of things that make rankings worse. Anyway, the list of variables is simply gigantic. So, by the amount of possibilities, tools and actions that can be done to improve SEO, it is said above that the nut “twists the tail”.

At first, most people are scared by the amount of information they need to work SEO. The most important thing in an SEO strategy is the goal. For you, the definition of SEO strategy can only be determined from the analysis of the company’s larger goals. These will determine the options that should be evaluated, to guide decision making.

SEO – the Name of Possibilities

The first is that, SEO is not science, and in this way it is not possible to guarantee its results. The only thing you can guarantee is that if a person or company states that they can guarantee that it will take your site to the top, it is either deceived or trying to deceive you. Like any other marketing tool there is no guarantee that you will succeed. Perhaps the only exception is sponsored links or the purchase of keywords – Ad words. The best option is to trust the professional – The LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company.

This is the most important and must be done before any action, because depending on the objective sometimes it may be necessary to redo the site, redefine the brand persona and review the content marketing strategy since this is a large part of the website’s relationship structure with the internet.

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