If you have a well-ranked search engine website, it engages in engagement, such as commenting, tasting, sharing, etc., and this generates “social proofs” that are extremely powerful and prove that your products or services are of a high quality.

SEO and Social Media

Once you have a great exposure in a search engine, this will automatically switch to social networks. That’s because when people enjoy or share, it affects the social network by making their content appear to more users. More than 60% of the searches performed end up being the first 3 places in a search engine, and the other 40% are divided for the rest of the placements.

That is why it is very important that you look for the first few placements, especially for the most important searches within your market. We saw in this post what SEO (search engine optimization) is and what its importance for any business are. We have seen that there is a complexity in applying the techniques and their results appear in the medium term.

If you want to dominate your market in your region and want to be found by more customers, applying SEO to your business is a great option. Get in touch with LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company because we are specialized in this, so you can make the most of SEO without having to study years to apply it.

What is and what is SEO Consulting

The main purpose of SEO Consulting is to both identify site optimization problems found on your web page as well as errors or discrepancies in sales conversions and marketing actions, which could potentially harm your company. In addition to the generated reports, a strategic action to correct such imperfections will be delivered to the contractor upon termination of the SEO consultancy.

First Phase: Analyzing Data and Scenarios

From experience, most companies that hire SEO Consulting aim to strengthen and imprint the brand or improve their position in organic searches to increase their conversion rate.

In an open minded vision, everyone looks for greater visibility of your business in a virtual environment. To do so, understanding how your customers usually look for your product or service is the key to strategizing, making keyword research crucial to the initial review. The direct competition of your company brings us parameters as important as the search terms, making your detailed analysis a lot of value.

Full site review – source code and structuring, page loading speed and files, responsiveness, On-Page analysis (tags, meta tags, title tags, image optimization, internal linking), indexed pages, URLs available, content quality entered, off-page optimization (social networks, partners etc.), back links, traffic analysis, bounce rate, conversion rate among other information contained in professional checklist.

From this careful analysis, a report is generated containing the problems encountered and a face-to-face meeting is scheduled with the client to argue the results.

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