HidrateSpark - Smart Water Bottle for Healthy Hydration

HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that tracks your daily water intake and reminds you to stay hydrated. It syncs with an app to monitor your hydration goals and promote healthy drinking habits.
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HidrateSpark FAQ

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What is hidratespark & how does it work?

HidrateSpark is the world's smartest water bottle that tracks your water intake, glows to remind you to drink, syncs via Bluetooth to our hydration app, Fitbit, and Apple watch.

What are hidratespark water bottles?

Enjoy your journey to better health with HidrateSpark water bottles, the world's smartest water bottles, where every sip counts! HidrateSpark smart water bottles and Hidrate App combine the power of technology and innovation with the need for daily hydration to improve overall health and wellness. Get the fast facts.

Who is hidratespark for?

The brand caters to a broad audience, from health and fitness enthusiasts to the many people who simply tend to not drink enough water throughout the day. HidrateSpark is compatible with Apple and Fitbit, has been featured in Forbes and on Yahoo, and its Instagram boasts over 45,000 followers.

Does hidratespark have a battery pack?

Behind every HidrateSpark 2.0 smart water bottle is the Battery Pack 2.0, which keeps your bottle charged to help you achieve your hydration goals every day. Consuming the proper amount of water is crucial for good health, and it even curbs your hunger.

Are hidratespark bottles the world's smartest water bottles?

We call HidrateSpark bottles the world’s smartest water bottles, but we got those bragging rights from several reviewers . So what makes this bottle so effective?

How do I Check my hidratespark water bottle?

A menu bar along the bottom allows you to look up details about your bottle, your profile, and notifications. You can also make changes if you increase your exercise levels or lose weight, for example. If you fall behind, the HidrateSpark water bottle glows, reminding you to drink more and meet that goal. Misplace your bottle as you run around?

How do I Find my Bottle in hidratespark Pro Lite?

In the HidrateSpark companion app, use the Find My Bottle feature to identify the last location your bottle synced. Track your sips to shed light on your hydration habits. Find out more in this HidrateSpark Pro Lite review.

What makes hidratespark pro smart bottles & tumblers unique?

All HidrateSpark PRO smart bottles & tumblers are powered by our patent-pending SipSense technology that integrates with our app to empower you to develop lasting hydration habits. For the traveler on the go. Insulated stainless steel construction keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. Fits into cup holders & backpacks.

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