Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit - Ketone Level Monitoring Set

The Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit is a comprehensive set for monitoring ketone levels in the body, enabling individuals to stay informed about their ketosis.
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Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit FAQ

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How do I test for ketones in my blood?

To test the ketones in your blood, you will need a blood ketone meter and a kit that includes the lancet pen and ketone test strips. These meters also read blood glucose test strips. Results download to your computer. Other brands and models may be available, including but not limited to:

Do you need ketone test strips?

You must purchase ketone test strips as glucose test strips won't test for ketones. You will also need to use blood from your fingertip rather from an alternate site. The strips are for one time use only. They can be the expensive part of testing, especially if they are not covered by your insurance.

Is the caresens dual a good ketone test?

The CareSens Dual uses CareSens Pro test strips for glucose readings and Ketosens test strips for ketone readings. While the test strips can be expensive, they are accurate and reliable so justify the cost. One downside to the CareSens Dual is that it only has one screen displaying glucose and ketone readings.

What is a blood ketone test for ketoacidosis?

If sugar levels have repeatedly been over 13 mmol/l (230 mg/dl) If you are unwell and have any of the symptoms of ketoacidosis A blood ketone test is carried out in a similar way to a blood glucose test Note that only a select number of blood glucose meters provide ketone testing functionality.

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