FreeStyle Optium Neo - Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

The FreeStyle Optium Neo is a blood glucose and ketone monitoring system designed for individuals with diabetes or those following a ketogenic diet.
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FreeStyle Optium Neo FAQ

What is a freestyle Optium Neo Blood glucose meter?

The FreeStyle Optium Neo blood glucose meter is the latest offering from Abbott Diabetes Care, intended to simplify testing and help you keep good control over your blood glucose levels. The Optium Neo passes the ISO 2013 blood glucose meter accuracy standards with 99% of results falling between the required limits.

Do you recommend freestyle Optium neo?

It is a pleasure to use, very fast, and very uncomplicated to use. Yes, I recommend this product. We independently review and compare FreeStyle Optium Neo against 12 other blood glucose meter products from 7 brands to help you choose the best.

How do I install freestyle Optium Neo Software?

Easy-to-use software to help you and your Healthcare Team manage your FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. Download the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software. Connect the yellow USB cable to your FreeStyle Optium Neo meter and an internet-enabled computer. The software will automatically begin the installation process.

Is the freestyle Optium neo H glucometer safe?

The FreeStyle Optium™ Neo H glucometer is safe to use and provides a reliable measurement of blood glucose in the HBOT environment. Keywords: Blood glucose level, Glucose monitoring, Diabetes, Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

How do you use freestyle Optium strips?

Using the FreeStyle Optium Strips safely test blood glucose and blood ketone with a tiny blood sample. How do you use it? The ultra-thin, lightweight meter measures blood glucose testing in 5 seconds and blood ketone testing in 10 seconds. Accurate: Meets the new ISO 15197:2013 criteria for clinical accuracy.

What is freestyle Optium Neo Software?

• The software, when used with the FreeStyle Optium Neo or FreeStyle Precision Neo meters, is intended to be used by patients to generate, view and print reports and change settings. The software can also be used to configure the meter to set recommendations to insulin doses based on data entered by the healthcare professional.

Who can use freestyle Optium neo H?

• The software, when used with FreeStyle Optium Neo H or FreeStyle Precision Neo H meters, is intended to be used in a healthcare professional setting. Healthcare professionals can generate, view and print reports and configure the settings for the meter.

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