Insulin Pens - Information and Uses

Insulin pens are devices used to administer insulin for people with diabetes. They are convenient and easy to use, allowing for precise insulin dosing.
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Insulin Pens FAQ

What are insulin pens used for?

An insulin pen is a device used to inject insulin. What are the types of insulin pens? Most insulin pens are disposable. A disposable pen contains a prefilled amount of insulin. When this type of pen is empty, it is thrown away. A few insulin pens are reusable. A reusable pen contains an insulin cartridge that can be replaced.

Are there different types of insulin pens?

There are many types of insulin pens. Some contain different features, while others are allocated for specific insulin types. Insulin pens vary in price, type of insulin, and dosing. Your insurance may have a specific insulin pen that they have on their formulary (list of preferred prescription drugs).

Do people with diabetes use insulin pens?

People with diabetes use insulin pens to inject insulin, a vital hormone for people who have diabetes. They contain a cartridge, a dial to measure dosage, and a disposable needle. Insulin pens are growing in popularity, and many people with diabetes nowadays use a pen to administer insulin.

Are insulin pens replaceable?

The replaceable cartridges for insulin pens come in 3 and 1 ½ ml sizes, although 3 is more common and has become dominant. Prefilled insulin pens are disposed of when the insulin within the cartridge is used up. Prefilled pens are often marketed for type 2 diabetics who need to use insulin. Browse through our list of insulin pen reviews.

What is an insulin pen?

An insulin pen is an injection device that you can use to deliver preloaded insulin into your subcutaneous tissue — the innermost layer of skin in your body. These pens are one form of insulin therapy for people with diabetes. They’re a type of multiple daily injection (MDI). An insulin pen looks like a writing pen.

Are insulin pens suitable for children with Type 1 diabetes?

The lower-dosing pens are often suitable for children with type 1 diabetes who receive smaller doses of insulin. Certain pens can deliver larger doses of insulin in one injection. Insulin pens can be disposable or reusable. Disposable insulin pens are prefilled with insulin. The entire pen is discarded once they are finished.

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